CAPGEMINI TECH CHALLENGE 2020 Edition is an opportunity for tech enthusiasts
like you to transform your career.

Why take the SFDC Lightning challenge?

Win cash prizes worth upto
INR 15,00,000*
Win a job with one of the most renowned
IT companies in the world
Talk to industry leaders and plan your
future in the technology space


  • Starts On

    18th Oct

  • Ends On

    01st Dec

  • Prize Pool

    INR 15,00,000*

  • Registrations


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30 Minutes
Identify And Felicitate Top Candidates In SFDC.
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10th Nov (326 days Ago)
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16 days
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100/100 in Round 2
Identify And Felicitate Top Candidates In SFDC.
Ended on
10th Nov (326 days Ago)
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Attempts Left
Identify And Felicitate Top Candidates In SFDC.
Ended on
01st Dec (305 days Ago)
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Basic Information

Congratulations to all the finalists for making it to the finale, you need to improvise your level 2 solution in terms of actual implementation of your solution/Practical approach/Demo/Application/Code snippet of your solution & the same you need to explain to the juries. You have to submit finale challenge by December 1 till 6 AM in the morning. You can check the problem statement by logging into level 3.

May the (sales)force be with you!

Do you believe that you can take your customer’s business to the next level with your knowledge of SFDC? With the Tech Challenge 2020 Edition, you can use your skills to transform your customer’s brand. This unique online challenge is a chance to ace your career goals, and also be associated with Capgemini India.

Why take the SFDC challenge?

  • Take home cash prizes worth INR 15,00,000*
  • Get an opportunity to be a part of a strong company like Capgemini India
  • Pit your skills against the best in a national competition
  • Network with countless other tech enthusiasts
  • Mingle and work alongside global leaders and disruptors

Will your SFDC domain expertise help you dominate?

  • 1st

    Theme Winner

  • 2nd

    Theme 1st RunnerUp

  • Early bird prizes (1st 10 players to complete Level 2)

  • Image
    Monti Chandra

    Tech Architect

Important Rules for all the Theme Contests:

  1. This hackathon has been broadly divided into THREE levels, that is "Screening Phase", "Online Hackathon Phase" and "Offline Hackathon Phase".
  2. The first 2 levels will be online but the final level (3rd level) will be launched at a specific date and time and this will be offline challenge event where in top 5 Participants shortlisted from the Level 2 will be invited to one of the Capgemini Campus.
  3. All the above three levels will combination of MCQ + Problem Statement based contests.
  4. Level 1 will be a MCQ contest and Level 2 will be a Problem Statement contest, both will have equal weightage of 100 points each.
  5. A user has to answer 40% of the questions correctly in screening phase (Level 1) to unlock Online Hackathon Phase (level 2). The highest score from both the attempts will be considered as your final score for that level.
  6. Problem Statement and MCQs will be timed. Time utilised for answering will be accounted for to tabulate the leader board.
  7. There will be no negative marking in any of the levels.

Rules according to each level are highlighted below:

Level - 1: Screening Phase:

  • There will be a total 25 Multiple choice question for which 30 minutes allotted to complete the Level 1.
  • Each user will get 2 attempts per level to improve their scores in this level.
  • Each correct answer will fetch the user 4 points.
  • Once you will submit your answers; you will be able to see the score on the result page.

Level - 2: Online Hackathon Phase:

  • There will be single problem statement in this round for which time duration of 7 days will be alloted to the candidate to complete Level 2.
  • Number of attempts for the ideation phase is unlimited.
  • All the submissions must be submitted on the Capgemini site.
  • Participants will be able to access the problem statements once the "Partcipate Now" button is clicked.
  • During online hackathon, you can participate from anywhere.
  • Once the hackathon starts, you will get an option to submit your hack, you can submit as many times as you want, the last hack will be considered as the final submission.
  • Participants can use any tools or libraries for building their solution. There is no restriction on the tools that can be used.
  • Winners of the contest will be chosen solely on the discretion of Capgemini. Please ensure to update the participant's profile and contact details.

Level - 2: Offline Hackathon Phase:

  • All the details regarding this round will be given only to the shortlisted candidates from level 2.
Deliverables Expected From The Participants:

For Level - 1: Screening Phase:

  1. You need to answer 25 MCQs in 30 Minutes.
  2. Each correct answer will fetch the user 4 points.
  3. Maximum two attempts are given in screening round
  4. There you need to click on the option you feel is correct.
  5. Before submitting the solution you can cross check all the questions again.
  6. For submitting the test you need to answer at least one question.

Level - 2: Online Hackathon Phase:

  1. Information Architecture and your design and why this approach.
  2. Brief explanation of idea what makes it unique.
  3. Technology Stack.
  4. Workflow document and deployment instructions if any.
  5. Source code or repo link.
  6. A demonstration video or demo url of the idea presented.
  7. You can refine your code and enhance it based on feedback from industry leaders.

Level - 3: Offline Hackathon Phase:

  1. All the details regarding this round will be given only to the shortlisted candidates from level 2.
  2. In general,below are some of the deliverables that are required in Level 3:
    1. A deck to pitch your solution
    2. Live presentation to showcase base functionality
    3. A demonstration video of the idea presented for the problem statement
FAQs For Level 1: Screening Phase:

  1. I cannot enter my full e-mail id in the login box, what should I do?

    The login box accepts email id as long as 200 characters. If you continue to face an issue, then please clear your browser cache.

  2. Are there specific instructions provided before I attempt the question?

    Yes, an instruction page will appear before you begin to attempt the question. Please read the instructions carefully before continuing with the question.

  3. Will I see my score immediately?

    Yes, once you submit your answers; you will see the score on the result page.

  4. I have attempted a question in a level twice, which score of mine will be considered and added in the leader board?

    The score which is highest in the contest will be considered and added in your leaderboard. Suppose you are participating in Easy category and you score 50 marks and 70 marks in your 2 available attempts. In this case 70 marks will be added to your final score in leader board.

  5. Can I view other's solutions?

    No, you can't.

  6. How Can I see next question?

    Click on Next or Previous button to jump between questions.

  7. I have attempted a problem. Can I improve my score?

    Yes, you can improve your score till you have attempts left in the question.

FAQs For Level 2: Online Hackathon Phase:

  1. Who can participate in the hackathon?

    Any individual or a team of individuals, who love to code and are passionate about technology are more than welcome to participate in the hackathon.

    • Campus Graduate who has just begun working.
    • Experienced Professional currently working.
    • Experienced Professional actively seeking for a new position.

  2. Do I need to pay any money to register for the hackathon?

    No. You do not have to pay any money to anyone to register yourself for any hackathon on TechGig.

  3. Who do I contact I have any queries?

    You can ask your questions on the discussions tab of the hackathon page. Additionally, you can also reach out to us on

  4. What kind of questions are asked in screening round?

    Multiple-choice questions or MCQs will be asked to check the understanding levels which will then be followed by the hackathon rounds.

  5. How many attempts will I get in screening round?

    All contestants get maximum two attempts in the screening phase.

  6. How will I gauge my performance in the contest?

    You can check your score and your team's score after every attempt on the Top Rankers section. However, we will keep you posted about the same via emails as well.

  7. How long will the contest last for?

    Contest will be having three rounds:

    1. Screening Phase
    2. Online Hackathon Phase
    3. Offline Hackathon Phase

  8. How will I be able to create a team?

    There will be no team participation, in all the contests partcipants need to partcipate alone.

  9. How do I submit what I have made for the hackathon?

    You have to develop the application on your local system and submit it on the submission page in a tar/zip file format along with detailed presentation and source code.

  10. Do we need to have the entire idea fully working?

    The entire idea need not be fully working. However, the submission should be functional so that it can be reviewed by the judges.

  11. Since there is no specific technology mentioned, are there any restrictions on using the number of pre-built libraries?

    There is no restriction to use any language, technology stack, or libraries. You can use any of them to create the application.

  12. What is the prize for the winner of the contest?

    Prizes worth Rs 55,000 are up for grabs. Here are the details. (click here)

  13. Where offline hackathon will be happening?

    Offline hackathon will happen in Pune and it will be of 48 hrs.

Tie Break Logic for Theme contest on Leader board:
  • The user with highest marks (sum of both levels) will be ranked higher.
  • Point 2 being equal, the user with the higher number of correct answers in the MCQ will be ranked higher.
  • Point 3 being equal, the user who has taken lesser time to answer the MCQs will be ranked higher.
  • Point 4 being equal, user with the lesser time taken to compile the problem will be ranked higher.
  • In case of all the top 5 being equal, points 1 through 5 will be repeated with Level 2 and later with Level 1.
  • Everything being equal, the referral scores of the 2 candidates will be used to sort out the tie break.
  • In case this too is equal, the user who participated in the contest at the earlier date will be ranked higher.
Gratifications for Online contest:
  • 1st Prize - Cash Prize worth INR 30,000/-.
  • 2nd Prize - Cash Prizeworth INR 20,000/-.
  • Early bird prizes (1st 10 players to complete Level 2) win Gift Voucher of worth INR 500/-for each theme contest.
  • All Prize Money will be subject to tax deduction and the same shall be borne by the winners.


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