Q: Who can participate in Capgemini Techchallenge?

A: The contest is open to Indian citizens residing in India only. Capgemini India employees are allowed to participate too. And don’t worry, rules remain same and apply equally to all participants irrespective of whether or not they are Capgemini India employees. No favorites and no considerations there!

Q: How can I participate in Capgemini Techchallenge?

A: To play Capgemini Techchallenge all you need to do is fill in the user registration form using your email address or via your social media profiles. Simple as that!

Q: How can I register to Capgemini Techchallenge?

A: To register yourself all you need to do is connect via your email or social profile and fill in all the mandatory details in the Registration Form.

Q: Do I need to enter all the fields in the Registration Form?

A: No, you are required to fill only mandatory fields on the registration form in order to successfully complete registration to Capgemini Techchallenge.

Q: How many attempts will be there for Level 1&2?

A: There will be two attempts for Level 1&2 for each contest.

Q: How can I refer my friends to Capgemini Techchallenge?

A: Visit http://techchallenge.in.capgemini.com/techchallenge/invites to refer a friend or you can invite from your Gmail account.

Q: Can I re-attempt MCQs?

A: Yes, Capgemini Techchallenge gives you 2 attempts per level to improve your scores. The highest score from both the attempts will be considered as your final score for that level.

Q: How to attempt the coding problems?

A: To attempt coding problems you need to click on the ’Solve Problem’ button to see the Problem Statement and Code Submission.

Q: Can I copy and paste my code from the Local Editor?

A: Yes, you can copy and paste your code from your Local Editor to Online Editor.

Q: What are the basic check points I should keep in mind before participating in the contests?

A: Below are the points you can remember while participating in the contests on website:

  • Make sure your Javascript is enabled in browser in which you are playing.
  • Refresh the page, if participate button is not working.
  • You can log out and then again log-in to your account. Your data will be saved automatically by the system.
  • Make sure your browser history is cleared for better user experience.
Q: Are there any early bird prizes?

A: Yes, the first 10 players to complete Level 2 win Gift Vouchers of Rs. 500/- for each online contest. Gift Vouchers will be redeemable from the supplier from where they have been bought.

Q: Are there any prizes for referrals?

A: Yes, Top 5 referrers win tablets worth INR 10,000 each!

Q: Will Digital challenge be played online?

A: No, this will be played offline at one of the Capgemini campuses. The Digital challenge has cash prize of INR 300,000/-. Top finalists from each skill* will form teams at the Finale and compete for the Digital Challenge

Q: Will you provide conveyance charges and accommodation for the third round?

A: Yes, you will get conveyance charges and accommodation facilities.

Q: After completing the Level1 and Level2, do the top 5 members of the leader-board get any reward ?

A: Yes, They will get Vouchers of Rs. 500/- for level 2 and will get a chance to travel one of the Capgemini campuses to participate in this Finale.

Q: Where can I see the Contest Details?

A: Visit the official website of Capgemini Techchallenge and refer to the contest details page for more info.

Q: What kind of questions will be included in the contest?

A: The contest is a mix of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Coding problems and a final on-premise event launched at a specific date and time.

Q: Is there a limit to how many contests can be attempted?

A: Feel free to go all out in showing off those tech skills, and participate in as many contests as you want. But don’t forget that each sub-contest has a separate set of rules to play by. You will find them all in our contest details section. It will do you good to read them before playing.

Q: What language options are available for the coding challenge?

A: Users can solve the challenge by writing a code in any of the 52 available programming languages depending on which skill you are attempting.

Q: Will all the levels be played online?

A: There will be 3 levels in the contest. First 2 levels will be launched online simultaneously and the 3rd level will be a final on-premise event launched at a specific date and time. Top 5 scorers from each challenge* on the Leader board will travel to the one of the Capgemini campuses to participate in this Finale.

*There will no on-premise challenge for Tech Aptitude.

Q: Are there instructions provided before attempting the contest?

A: Yes, before you start attempting the questions an Instruction Box will appear in the pop-up window. It is advisable to read the instructions carefully and then proceed to solve the contest.

Q: What is the scoring logic for the MCQ questions?

A: There will be 25 MCQs in Level 1 & 2. Time limit to solve these questions is 30 minutes. A user has to answer 40% of the questions correctly to unlock the next level. Each user will get 2 attempts per level to improve their scores. The highest score from both the attempts will be considered as your final score for that level.

Q: What is the scoring logic for the coding questions?

A: Level 2 has 25 MCQs & 1 coding problem for which 150 minutes allotted. Each correct test case while solving the coding challenge will fetch the user 10 points. There will be 1 Coding Problem which will have 10 Test Cases of different complexity (Default test case, Basic level test, case, Boundary level test case, Correctness test case, Complex test case). The user’s total score will be the cumulative score of the two levels in each contest i.e. Level 1 + Level 2 for Leader board.

Q: Is there any negative marking?

A: There will be no negative marking in any of the levels.

Q: When can I get my scores?

A: Your score will be displayed on screen, in the thank you box, immediately after you submit your code.

Q: How can I receive the next round confirmation?

A: You can check your status on the dashboard by logging into your account at anytime during the contest. We will also send you an email confirmation informing you about the same.

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  • * In case of any queries, write mail to techchallenge.in@capgemini.com