Techchallange is one of the finest platform because of providing opportunity in Integrating multiple Technologies in architecturing the solution for social good projects and working with different subject matter expert in crafting the idea to MVP.

- Deepak Deepu

Capgemini Tech Challenge 50 has been conducted in the best possible manner. I got to meet some brilliant minds from the parts of the country. I will try my best to be here back again.

"Thank you for everything". It was certainly the best event, I have ever attended till now.

- Rishav Chatterjee

Learned new things. People from different domains came at one place to share their ideas. Great platform. Amazing atmosphere 😊

Will try to come next year

- Gaurav Chavan

Techchallenge50 provided a platform to all the genius minds across the country to showcase their talent. A platform where individual or groups shared there innovative idea, opinions in different technologies. A well-organized tech hunt to be remembered. Thank you Capgemini.

- Vinaykrishnan

#Techchallenge50 competition has been organized by Capgemini which is a fantastic platform for young energetic Techies and experienced guys. All the latest technologies synchronized for one social problem solutions. The thought process on application " Missing Child" which is commendable. First time I have attended competition and First time visited Mumbai first time flight journey everything in remarkable in my life and won a trophy first time in a competition. Capgemini made it a successful event Thanks Capgemini and organizers.

- Asokamoorthy

Team challenge - interaction with experienced guys, team work, social problem solution using innovative ideas Individual challenge - in my data science problem based on betterment in medical sector using technology framework, good question selection in view of society

Capgemini and Arrangements: Best, 100/100 marks, fantastic, great Arrangements, cooperative, great work by Vishal and his team thank you all.

- Amol Sahu

What a great couple of days...Amazed by the individual welcome tweet by Capgemini to the participants and the same exciting experience stayed till the end of the event. It was fun and learning both at the same time. With musical concert in the evening to developing code for the requirements overnight, forming teams with complete strangers and working with them as a team was an amazing experience. Wonderful food , with snacks and beverages complimentary throughout the day...what else should be expected !!! Prizes, trophies, what not ! Just One word for the entire event - "Awesome !"

- Nisarg Kothari

Thank u Capgemini. Techchallenge for giving us all the opportunity yo showcase our talents and Gain immense Knowledge... The knowledge we gained from. This challenge is More Precious and valuable. Than. Any prize πŸ†... So thank u for. Everything u guys did for us πŸ™Œ

- TarlochanPreet

Thank u Capgemini for conducting an excellent event which gives opportunity to meet different people and exposure how to work under different sort of situations.

- Prabu Raveendran

Thank u Capgemini for hosting an excellent opportunity to meet different people and exposure how to work under different sort of situations. It’s the way to improve our way to look at the problem and how we solve them. Once again thank you Capgemini.

- Allamraju Sarma

It has been a very great experience being part of this competition. Very proper organized and managed every activity. Volunteers were supportive. After all great experience working with team and individual also. Thanks for giving such good platform for us to explore our talent!!

- Suraj Rode